Lonely Planet, Baja California #8 of the 10 Best Value Places to Visit in 2018

Baja California

Descubre cuales destinos fueron votados por expertos en viajes de Lonely Planet como los mejores lugares para viajar en 2018.

10 Best Value Places to Visit in 2018 | Lonely Planet

It’s the world’s second-longest peninsula; but for many, visiting Baja California still means a quick hop over the border into Tijuana or Tecate – meaning there’s 1200km of less-explored territory. True, prices can be higher here than in other parts of Mexico due to the relative remoteness of Baja. But if you’re coming from the US, you’ll be saving money by travelling here.

In the north, the wine route through the Valle de Guadalupe is like Napa but a lot cheaper. Meanwhile, towns such as Todos Santos, Loreto, San Ignacio, Mulegé and La Paz are authentically Mexican and feature great-value accommodation.
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