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25 January, 2018
Avistamiento de Ballenas Baja California

10 Reasons to visit Baja California

Located in northern Mexico, Baja offers unique experiences worthwhile living; our location, identity, gastronomic fusions and amazing views that range from deserts, to valleys; the vibrant and creative Tijuana and the wine paradise at Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada. You are invited to discover these 10 reasons to visit Baja California.
22 March, 2018
rumorosa baja california

Curves and lookouts of La Rumorosa, the whispering road

La Rumorosa road is pure evocation. An unreal landscape of impossible stones with magnificent panoramic views, the scenery of myths and legends. A magical, winding highway with new vistas awaiting you at each turn.
27 March, 2018
Tecate Baja California

A stroll on the fascinating history of the Magical Town of Tecate

The Magical Town of Tecate. A sacred hill for the first settlers. A frontier town amongst ranches and mythical landscapes that changed forever with the arrival of the railroad, and a beer made its name universal.