3 Sky-High ways in Baja to step out of your comfort zone this Spring

This Spring step out of your comfort zone and get your adrenaline rush from up high. In Baja California you can slide down the zip-lines and suspension bridges that will put your courage to the test and an adventure to remember. Discover where and begin your journey!


Begin your trip in Rosarito Beach: Pikin has 4 zip-lines with an ocean view and a longitude of 100 meters each one and 20 meters high. You can also enjoy the suspension bridge, which is 80 meters long and jump off the QuickJump at 20 meters of altitude. It’s truly an experience you can’t miss.

Web: www.pikinrosarito.com | Location: View map


Continue your sky-high adventure at Desert Nest. At this place you can slide down 5 double high-speed zip-lines at different lengths: one is 400 meters, another is 500 meters, two others are 800 meters and the longest of all is 1,000 meters. The complete circuit of the adventure park is almost 3.6 km long and approximately 100 meters high.

You can also jump off the QuickJump, which implies a 20-meter drop. Between zip-line 3 and 4 you’ll find a bridge that’s 100 meters long; but it isn’t any ordinary common bridge, this bridge has movement, adding some more adrenaline to your adventure. A bonus of this place is the amazing view! It’s in Ensenada, the land of Baja California wine.

Web: www.desertnest.net | Location: View map
Desert nest Ensenada Tirolesa Baja California


Finally, we have Las Cañadas. Here you can find 5 zip-lines, the longest one is more than half a kilometer long, more than 30 meters high and reaches velocities of up to 40 km/hr.

Other than the zip-lines, you can prove how brave you are at the 5 suspension bridges available, two of which are called “Tradicionales” with a view of the lake and mountain; the bridge named “Llanas”, which demands balance; the bridge “Barriles”, which puts your physical condition and speed to the test; The Bridge “Islas”, where you can show off your coordination and determination skills. Only the brave dare to ride them all!

Web: www.lascanadas.com | Location: View map
Las Canadas tirolesas Ensenada Baja California
Las Canadas tirolesas Ensenada Baja California
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